About Our Booths and Special Features

The sleekly designed booths are built-in with DSLR Camera, HD webcam, Mitsubishi Photo Printer and an external screen.

Facial Recognition

Recognizes you and overlays props around you. It can add moustaches, hats,and funny glasses etc. no need for sticky props


It is a photobooth version of karaoke. You select the song and the lyrics will appear on the screen and booth will record the video.

Immersive Green Screen

Brilliantly blends your image into the 3D digital backgrounds of your choice.

Flip Book

This latest software records a video and our booth will print the images to create a flip book.

The stylish light weight booths come with an Apple Mac Mini with the latest PB Pro software, which is used by multinational companies such as the BBC, SELFRIDGE & CO, JESSOPS , COCA-COLA.Our spacious booth can accommodate 6-8 people at any onetime.

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